Mercy Medical Center, Trinity Health

Wicked in Pink Motorcycle Ride


The Wicked in Pink Motorcycle Run was developed by Bob Kaine Alves, owner of Throttle Rocker Nation, to pay it forward to others battling cancer. During Bob's year-long battle with head and neck cancer in 2012, he was grateful for the amazing treatment he received from Dr. Philip Glynn and his most caring and compassionate team at the Sister Caritas Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center. Bob just knew that when he was healthy again, he would have to find a way to repay them for all they did and just saying thank you wasn’t going to be enough. 



The event was created in 2013 and held on the Sunday before Columbus Day to show support for all types of cancer, but being that this is occurring in October, he chose pink for a color.

The mission of the Wicked in Pink charity is to raise money for the Sister Caritas Cancer Center Patient Services Fund to help with many of the financial burdens cancer patients may face, as well as show support for all those battling cancer, cancer survivors, as well as their caregivers, family and friends. These gifts go right into the hands of the patients to help them with some of the expenses involved in going through treatment. That's direct and indirect expenses. Often, it's the latter that's the hardest hitting.

If you can't make the yearly motorcycle run, but would still like to help, please visit