Mercy Medical Center, Trinity Health

Dennis and Zita Kinne are grateful for the care they received at Mercy Medical Center

Last December, 80-year old Dennis Kinne was diagnosed with a malignant lesion that required immediate attention.  He was advised to contact a surgical oncologist at Mercy Medical Center, and he reached out to Dr. James Frank. Within eight days, the urgent surgery was scheduled, and they removed one of Dennis’s toes in hopes of completely removing the cancer.  Dr. Frank and his team were successful and after two weeks of recovery, they declared Dennis cancer-free.

As Dennis and his wife, Zita, reflected on their experience, they were overwhelmed by the care they received and the relief they are feeling.  Dr. Frank was easy to talk to, never late for an appointment and always honest in answering their questions. They are especially grateful for this swift, life-saving surgery.  The Kinnes made a gift to the hospital in honor of Dr. Frank and together, their names will be displayed on our “Recognize a Star” plaque.