Mercy Medical Center, Trinity Health

The Johnson Family's Journey of Hope

For 24 years, cancer has touched the lives of Dave and Pat Johnson and several members of their family.  It began in 1997 when they received a phone call informing them that Pat was diagnosed with breast cancer. She would be the first to experience the journey of cancer care. In March 2003, the next call came from Dave's father who was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma. Pat, a six year survivor at the time, took Dave's father and walked him through his treatment.  Radiation one day, golf the next. Though they lost him in 2006, his journey was a good one.  In 2012 Pat's sister received her own diagnosis of breast cancer. She is doing well and continues with follow-up treatments.  And finally, Dave received his diagnosis of squamous cell carcinoma in March of 2014.  Once again the family rallied with faith, strength and a wealth of experience.

In each instance, Dave and his family were treated by Dr. Phillip T. Glynn, the Director of Oncology for the Sister Caritas Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center.  Dave and Pat are true believers in the work that is being done at the Cancer Center. They know from experience that the doctors and nurses are leading experts in their fields. In Dave's words, "Dr. Glynn, the physicians and staff are giving us what our community needs.  Now, it is our turn. We need to help them fund this endeavor of continuously improving cancer care." 

Dave and Pat sponsored two oncology suites as part of the 2015 Transforming Cancer Care  campaign to expand the Sister Caritas Cancer Center.   And now they will continue to fund the journey through a generous bequest in their estate plans that will ensure the Center's future for the entire community.   They have watched the Cancer Center evolve into a fully-equipped, stand-alone center where medical experts can treat each patient from diagnosis through the STAR survivorship program – treatment for life after cancer.

For more than two decades Dave, Pat, their families, and the Mercy Community have received a progressive level of care, hope and support through the continuing evolution of the Sister Caritas Cancer Center. Their hope is that others will also be inspired to set aside gifts in their estate plans for the Cancer Center or the area of care most meaningful to them.

For information about how easily you can create a bequest, please contact Geoffrey B. Hoyt, Chief Development Officer, Mercy Medical Center Office of Philanthropy, or 413-748-9920.