Mercy Medical Center, Trinity Health

The Jennings Family establishes oncology nursing education fund in honor of the care they provided to Gail Jennings.

The Jennings family was truly grateful for the care Gail, their wife, mom, “Grammy”, friend and teacher, received from the many caregivers who treated and assisted her in her fight against pancreatic cancer.  She had surgery at the Lahey Clinic and received follow-up care at Dana Farber.  However, her family was most grateful for the competent and compassionate care she received for well over a year from the oncology staff at the Sister Caritas Cancer Center at Mercy Medical Center.  Dr. Philip Glynn and the ever-caring, attentive, well-trained and encouraging oncology nurses and support staff at the infusion center gave her hope when she needed it most.  They also provided loving support when it was time to summon the courage to face the inevitable. The Jennings family will be forever grateful, as was Gail, who passed away in 2019.

To honor this team, Michael, Gail’s husband of 49 years, has created an education fund to assist these oncology nurses with continued education, board certification expenses and whatever training they may need to maintain the highest level of care for each and every patient.