Mercy Medical Center, Trinity Health

Anonymous Grant of $115,000 Helps Create a Colleague "Recharge Room"

Mercy Medical Center was awarded a $115,000 
anonymous grant to create a “recharge room” to 
help medical workers recover from pandemic stress. The pandemic has taken a significant physical and emotional toll on medical workers. Frontline staff have witnessed an unfathomable amount of death, suffering, and grief. With this grant, Mercy Medical Center was able to partner with Studio Elsewhere to design a break space with multisensory, natural elements to help staff relax and recharge. 

These rooms are designed to promote a sense of 
safety, calm thinking, empowerment, connectedness, 
and hope. Through an immersive experience that 
includes music, scent, visuals, lighting, and sound, 
colleagues are transported to a preferred environment 
such as a twilight lake, serenity beach, or redwood 
forest. The space is customizable, allowing 
coordination of sounds, sights, and smells based 
on mood. Research shows that integrating natural 
elements into interior spaces is beneficial for health 
and well-being and can significantly reduce stress 
levels and increase control resulting in less need for 
pain medication, fewer doctor errors, better sleep, 
and improved outcomes.